Willem Lange on Love, Sex & Mushrooms

Cardy Raper demolishes the caricature many of us have of women scientists: nerdy, bespectacled, polysyllabic, introverted spinsters devoted to their (usually abstruse) field of inquiry. She’s devoted, all right, not to just her science, but to life: From a childhood fascination with the natural world to a love affair with and marriage to a faculty mentor; from motherhood to widowhood; and finally from a voyage of discovery into what was at the time strictly a man’s world, to worldwide recognition as a leader of research in the fascinating world of fungi. Warmhearted yet vulnerable, often frustrated and saddened but never defeated, Cardy takes us with her as she enthusiastically probes the little-known world of fungi (where one species may have 20,000 genders), the often hostile atmosphere of male dominated research, and the life of a working wife and mother.

– Willem Lange
New England storyteller and
Author of ‘Where Does The Wild Goose Go?‘, ‘Intermittent Bliss‘, and others.