Faye J. Crosby on Love, Sex & Mushrooms

What forces attract a woman to science? What influences allow her to persist and, ultimately thrive in domains that do not welcome female talent? This captivating memoir by Cardy Raper reveals the pulls and passions, as well as the setbacks, in the life within and outside the laboratory of one prominent woman scientist. As we learn about Dr. Raper and the people in her world, we also learn about the science of reproduction and the amazing capabilities of the many-sexed fungi. Both the human and the scientific stories convey one important lesson: If we are to thrive as organisms, we must prove adaptable in our methods but never stray far from our essential passions and purpose. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in sex and gender.

-Faye J. Crosby, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Provost Cowell College
University of California Santa Cruz
Author of Affirmative Action is Dead; Long Live Affirmative Action.